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Character Rigging, Deformations and Walk Cycle
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This tutorial covers the complete rigging and posing of a character with skelegons and bones in Lightwave and creating a basic walk cycle. The character model we use here is included in part one so you can follow along with our model or apply these techniques to a model of your own.

In the first part we create skelegons in Modeler and align them with the character to be anatomically correct for good movement in the rig. We start by creating the main spine and then continue on with drawing out child skelegons for the collarbones, arms, ribs, pelvis and legs which we mirror over to the other side.

We then rename the skelegons to create an organized rig with a proper skelegon tree and test the rig by twisting the main bones of the body. You'll see how to add multiple hold bones in certain regions for a smoother deformation and connect together the different parts of the rig.

From here we move into Layout where we convert the skelegons to bones, lock the bones that are not to be animated and add hold bones for proper deformation in problematic areas such as the pelvis. We create an IK setup and look at how to create some different body poses for our rigged character. Here we also cover some control object techniques and how to wiggle the head and wave the arms using IK handles and animation controls.

In the final part of this tutorial when we've tweaked the rig for proper deformation and created a good starting pose we go over how to do a walk cycle, work on timing, weight and set up key frames on the timeline. The end result is a 24 frame long animation of our walking character.
  • Length: 2 Hours 36 Minutes
  • Instructor: Philip Meyer
  • Format: MPEG-4
  • Points Cost: 14
  • Price: $24.95
  • Character Rigging & Posing
  • Rigging with Skelegons & Bones
  • Realistic Character Deformation
  • IK Handles & Animation Controls
  • Creating a Walk Cycle in Lightwave

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Character Rigging, Deformations and Walk Cycle
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