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tonyk12 14-04-2006 12:03 AM

Can't find Fishy tutorial rigging and weighting video

I have downloaded the complete Fishy tutorial (Part 1 - Part 7). Its been very helpful and I appreciate the effort that goes into producing such a tutorial.

However, I have not been able to find the video that covers the rigging and weighting. The video in Part 7 (titled "Fish Tute weighting and rigging 6") already uses a ready made skeleton. It does not show you how to set up the bones and weighting. Crucial to us beginners!

Part 6 is only the scene and object file. Part 5 (titled "Fish Tute - Part 5") covers the eyelids and adjusts the body.

I expected to find a video covering rigging and weight from the description quoted below:

"The rigging and weighting includes creating weightmaps, building a functional and intuitive skeleton, setting up an extra eye-bone to control both eyes at once, eyelid setup and a method for automated tail-overlap using the "follower". Also covers a basic texture. "

Am I missing something here?

Regards, Tony

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