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kumar 08-01-2004 12:45 PM

Points and VIP
Hi, just a simple question. I am thinking of buying some points. But wondering. Now i am a Registered user, so if i buy lets say a 15points or so. That will make me a VIP or subscribed user? Hmm now all i need is to find out someone with a credit card... Cause i dont have one?

R4s1n 08-01-2004 12:51 PM

ask your mom or dad and tell them its for a good cause.
*i wish my parents would believe me*

[EDIT] Don't David and Kevin accept money orders? [EDIT]

kumar 08-01-2004 12:56 PM

Hmm, i think that i just might have someone,,, man i need to get the character rig tutorial in time for the competion.... I am bad at bones and stuff.

R4s1n 08-01-2004 01:00 PM

The character rig tute is awesome!:D
Good luck in getting those points,

kumar 08-01-2004 01:03 PM

Thanks,, I will.

Mark 08-01-2004 02:10 PM

I'm pretty sure there used to be a section in the FAQ that detailed other methods of payment (by cheque, direct transfer or money/postal order).

You might want to PM Kevin to enquire what other ways of payment are available.

Johnny9ball 08-01-2004 09:55 PM

To answer your question when you buy points you become a VIP member.

kumar 09-01-2004 01:50 AM

Ooo, ok, think i will PM Kevin...
Thanks Jonny and Mark

Johnny9ball 09-01-2004 03:15 AM

There are many free tutorials you can try while you wait to get access to points.

Try these.

Some of the free tutorials are starters to longer tutorials that require points, but there are some that are complete and free tutorials such as Peppers, Ocean scene, Coffie mug, Quicktime VR creation, Normal mapping.

kumar 09-01-2004 04:37 AM

Thanks, well guess i am intersted in the character rig stuff i guess.

09-01-2004 10:03 AM

pm sent

Warheart 30-01-2004 11:40 AM

Hey guys i'm also thinkin about buyin some points but i'll be getting a new pc soon and getting rid of this old hunk o junk, i was wondering if say i download and pay for the mclaren tutorals but before i get to finish it i change comp, would i have to pay again to download them or would they be free for me?

If i have to pay again then i'll just have to wait for my new comp coz i dont have a CDRW to stick em on CD with. :(

30-01-2004 12:09 PM

no warheart you can download any part you have previously downloaded for free...

but take care not to download it to many times or we will become suspicious :)

arma 31-01-2004 02:09 AM


Just got me a few more points that will let me get the rest of the strat tute...uptodate now with em all..

only prob ive had me worldpay email but points not be added to my account yet :((

its mostly updates soon as ive payed..

thx for help i want me points ;)

Warheart 02-02-2004 08:48 PM


Originally posted by Kevin
no warheart you can download any part you have previously downloaded for free...

but take care not to download it to many times or we will become suspicious :)

lol :D dont worry i would download em twice max (once on this comp then once on my new comp) coz my new one has a CDRW so i can store them for later use.

When i look at the unlimited membership (i'm really thinkin about it) i see this

"Current Membership points 0 New membership points 0"

Or something along them lines, and i was wondering is this a bug or does it just mean i would have no need for points coz everythings unlocked? (i was expectin somethin like New membership points 99999 :rolleyes: )


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