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Kurtis 01-02-2007 07:09 AM

LightWave Profile: Men O' War
We've posted a new LightWave 3D project profile:

Thanks mostly to a well-known movie sequel, 2006 unofficially became "the year of the pirate". It was hard to go anywhere without being bombarded with pirate-related themes, whether it be Talk like a pirate day, Pirates vs. Ninjas themes at conventions or the pirate philosophy of yin and yarrgh, pirates were everywhere. Sometimes though, something would emerge that couldn't be traced back to the movie, but to the classic pirate adventures of old. Isaac Botkin's Men O' War project is one such example. Inspired by the likes of Douglas Fairbanks and the LEGO Pirates theme of construction toys, Isaac and his family produced a short film that has been spreading across the internet. We recently spent some time talking with Isaac about how this project came to be.

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