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Sorry to help this late, but hopefully you are stil there. Bridge does tend to be a bit persnicketty. When I have problems, I first check my statistics panel in poly mode it will display many things that help with troubleshooting. Between the info window in the lower left and selecting polys or points and hitting the i key it helps. in poly mode(control H) hit shift L to unify polys, this will merge polys that are directly on top of each other, hit merge (M key) to merge any points that might be on top of another. When selecting points or polys, check he information at the bottom left, there is a small window that says sel, that tells you how many of whatever you have selected and see if that is true. As for the error code, you can contact LW3D customer service and simply give your license code (Dongle number) and they will try to help you. There are times when the file itself gets corrupted, I've found that most often it happens when you have been at it for several hours and when you finally close and then re-open, wacky things happen. Save your work, use incremental saves to keep from losing work, especially when you get errors like that. I nkow not much activity here, but good luck
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