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Heya, folks,

We here at SimplyLightwave and all the Simply sites pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality video tutorials and instructional series to further your working knowledge of the world's best high-end software!

Doing so is not cheap, however, so, while we do offer freebies, we do have to charge a reasonable amount in order to afford bandwidth, servers, site upkeep, software, etc. and give you a quality, ad-free, community experience!

The way our VIP area works is that you acquire points. The more points you purchase at one time, the cheaper they are per point. Not convinced? Try it out with a 2-point starter pack!

Each video is given a point value based on the amount of bandwidth and upkeep that video requires. Shorter videos will be a single point. Usually, 20-30 min+ will be 2 points because of the longer length. The ones that are closer to an hour or more will be 3 points.

Once you've made your first point purchase, you become a "subscriber" and have access to a special forum where your questions about the tutorials and just any other questions you might have are given TOP priority!

Don't have any money? (One might wonder how you have such a highend 3D application...) You can also recieve points by entering our 2-month challenges! The winners recieve an amount of points as a prize. Another method is to be noticeably helpful around the forum and be voted the Member of the Month by the moderators. This will be announced around the beginning of each month. MOTM's get an amount of points as a reward for their helpful involvement.

Feel free to PM me or any of the other Admins or Mods here at SLW if you have further questions.

To view the VIP video area and purchase points, click here:

To view our freebie video section, click here:

To view and possibly enter our current challenge, click here:
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