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I'm glad to hear you like the points system. I like it too as I think it's nice to be able to pay for only the parts that you're interested in and not have to purchase a full project at once.
I take it you've already gone through the tutorials in the free section, there's quite few things there on modeler and even if they were made a while back the instructors who made them are very skillful in Lightwave so you should be able to learn a fair bit there.

For a way to get points you could take part in one of the bi-monthly challenges held over at Simply Maya, the prize is 100 points and they can be transferred to Simply Lightwave or Simply Max. They're open for all software normally, and as they run over a two month period it should give you plenty of time to finish a project, even if your skills in 3D would be a bit limited. As well you learn quite a bit while going through one. Below is a link to the one that finished a few days back and in the end only one guy completed it so it's a good way to get some points at the moment. I think the one before that only had three entries in the end as well.

I think the Avatar one was quite difficult, but if you have a look at some of the older ones here it will give you a better general idea.

There should be a new challenge starting in a week or so, I'll post it on this site as well when it does. And you could give it a go, nothing to loose
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