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Default FREE Digital Art Week in San Diego

San Diego Photoshop User's Group and the San Diego County Office of Education is proud to present "Digital Art Week".
You can now sign up for the Digital Art Week free digital workshops at and click on the "Digital Art Week" link. This will take you first to the schedule of events and from there you can register by clicking on the "Registration" link.
This is Free! The workshops will take place on December 8th & 9th from 9:00 am to 8pm at the San Diego Office Of Education (SDCOE). The address is:
6401 Linda Vista Rd SD 92111
For any questions please contact Stephen Burns at (760) 436-9921
More Details on this event:
Digital Art Week presented by
San Diego Photoshop User's Group and the San Diego County Office of Education:
This two 8 hour day intensive workshop featuring 3D Animation, digital artistry and digital photography. The classes will include presentations by a variety of industry professionals who will teach their techniques and creative approaches to a variety of software programs and concepts. These workshops are segmented into one-hour seminars for both beginning and intermediate aspects of the programs. Some of these titles include:
1) Photoshop CS
2) Lightwave 8 3D
3) Maya
4) Color Management
5) Dogwaffle Digital Paint Program
6) Painter 8
7) Final Cut Pro
8) Digital Photography
9) Digital Work Flow
11)Art Theory
12)Creating Your Own Website
13)The Business Of Photography
These classes are limited to 15 persons in each presentation so you must sign up emmediately.
I hope to see you there,

Stephen M. Burns
(760) 436-9921
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