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Ok, guess i need to calm you down,,, motion graphics are cool,, but can be done on either 3d or 2d,,, In fact i think might be easier to attempt such a thing with after effects or another software.

But if Lightwave is the only tool you intend to use to get it,,, then you really need to work on it... loads of flat ploys,,, and each one animating at the correct speed... Turn on the glow and poof you might have it... Not to mention later taking it to after effects or post processing to get the bloom type effect,, Hehe ..

I would take a box or cylinder,,, add loads of segments freeze it... and randomly delete away stuff to start,,, or then again,, if you have the fancy fonts and know how to use the snake in lightwave.

In the end,,, you need to put in the effort and try. Try and error is the way out.
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