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Usually, the CPU fan comes complete with the heatsink. There should be a clip holding the heatsink assembly onto the CPU - you'll need to unclip this and remove the whole thing, clean the old heat compound off the top of the chip, re-apply new heat compound to the CPU and then simply clip in the new heatsink assembly.

You do need to be careful though. The clips can be a real b**tard to attach/remove, and it is possible to crack your CPU in the process (I'm talking from painful and expensive experience here)...

If its just the fan you need because the bearings are fried or whatever, then you need to ensure that you get one of the same form factor as the old one so the screws will fit the same area on the heatsink - and be careful when you screw the new one in - the aluminium of the heatsink is easy to strip if you overtighten the screws - do that, and your new fan is never going to fit properly...
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