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Default Depth Pass

Hi all

I'm struggling with the Depth Pass out of LW and using that in compositing in AE. I've watched a Digital Tutors tutorial about the exporting to EXR and using that in your compositing. I tried with LW but then when using EXtractoR in AE, Im not getting the option I should. I should be able to change R/G/B a to z.depth.remapped in AE, yet the LW version doesn't allow that option.

I'm VERY dependent on the depth pass as the exported scene is super complex with almost 2 million particles everywhere in the scene (Something like the Prometheus hologram scene), with a person smack bang in the middle of it all. All the particles are moving and rotating in front and behind of him etc, so trying to roto this would probably take like 750 million years. He needs to look as though he's in the middle of the particles, rather than behind them, like he is now.

Is the EXR from LW rubbish? I've messed around with different option, and finally with the Z buffer min max, I seem to get decent results for the depth pass now.

Any comping help would be greatly appreciated.

LW 10.1 and AE CS6
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