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Default Egg Challenge July/August

New Challenge! The theme is based on egg photography. The subject of the shot must be egg[s], however, you can model props and build your scene from items you'd find in a kitchen, you can include other food items, utensils and containers. Markers for drawing faces on the eggs, if you decide to go that route, are allowed since some people keep them around to write expiration dates on stored food. Let your imagination run wild, tomatoes are bean bag chairs, empty soda cans made into 'getaway' cars, shrubbery made from lettuce, whatever, go crazy with it. However, no subtitles or thought bubbles, the scene communicates for itself.

The deadline is August 31st! The prize is The Art of Brave

Create your own progress thread in the Challenge Lounge titled `Egg Challenge - Your Username`.

Check out some examples of egg photography

image from---
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