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Default Basic Head Modeling (video 1)

hi i'm new to modeling (notisable oh....) and I came across
the basic head modeling video tutorial in the free training
section here:

so i downloaded it and went step by step and I have some problems, during the video the creator doesnt state the tools
he used and I culdnt keep up so if someone can download the video and tell me what tools he used in video number 1:
at 02:40 of the video (set value or somthing).
at 02:49 of the video (extrude...)
at 02:51 of the video (filled in the extruded part)
at 02:57 of the video (removed all the inner polys leaving only the outline)
at 02:59 of the video (smoothed all the polys)

thats about it (that was when I realized that I cant go further
withot those parts and stopped watching the video)

thanks in advance
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