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Originally Posted by kforcool View Post
I save as then save I am in modeler when I delete an object I press the "I key" I'm using light wave 11.6 the latest one I'm trying to do the robot tutorial on this site there been few other things like I can't level bowl for the chest part by hitting the control h key when I hit the tab key to smooth it out and when I extrude the bottom chest it goese see through and is not a round surface hard to explane but the objects I have deleted show up when I load it back into modeler so not sure maybe there is a correct way to save. Didn't do it when I made a coke can but from memory I didn't delete to many iteams then maybe there is away I can set thing back to default settings I've noticed it keeps some previous changes from other settings. It sorta annoying as I'm on a trail version and I'm Wonting to buy it cause it seems easier than the other 3d software out there to learn.
Several things... First, "I" is bound by default to the Unify Polygons tool, and has nothing to do with deleting. Second, you didn't give a step-by-step account, so I still have no idea what's happening. Do me a favor and write out something like this:

1) I select layer 1
2) I select 13 polygons
3) I hit the delete key
4) I Use "Save As" to save the file as "robot1"
5) I close Modeler
6) I open Modeler
7) I Load "robot1"
8) I select layer 1
9) The 13 polygons are still there

It may sound dumb, but, there are so many variables that without this kind of detail, it's hard to figure out what the problem is. As for your other issues with sub-ds, the same applies, please give us step by step what you're doing, what you expected to happen, and what's actually happening.

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