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Default Where are my points?

After some time, this week I bought some points "as usual" with my PAYPAL account.

But what's my surprise when I received this e-mail from David (

Hi Gus,

No points were allocated to your account. Your transaction ID is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (omited)

You will need to email with your full address and telephone number, there are several reasons why points are not automatically allocated. The following is the reason you will need to confirm your details with us before points are allocated.

No address information was send with your order
If you have not replied to this email within 24 hours your money will be refunded to you.

David J Rutter
I have e-mailed David a couple of times with my direction and my phone but I get no response, and no points.

Can someone help me and tell me if there's any problem with the online transactions, or any problem with the web?


Joan Gusart
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