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I save as then save I am in modeler when I delete an object I press the "I key" I'm using light wave 11.6 the latest one I'm trying to do the robot tutorial on this site there been few other things like I can't level bowl for the chest part by hitting the control h key when I hit the tab key to smooth it out and when I extrude the bottom chest it goese see through and is not a round surface hard to explane but the objects I have deleted show up when I load it back into modeler so not sure maybe there is a correct way to save. Didn't do it when I made a coke can but from memory I didn't delete to many iteams then maybe there is away I can set thing back to default settings I've noticed it keeps some previous changes from other settings. It sorta annoying as I'm on a trail version and I'm Wonting to buy it cause it seems easier than the other 3d software out there to learn.
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