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Default subpatch editing in Modeler?

So glad to see this site has maintained its very existence for how many decades now?

A question I have had for too long about subpatching..... is all point/edge/poly editing on an organic model performed only in faceted mode, while you can switch to subpatch with TAB, but is it mandatory to switch out of subpatch to edit the object.....otherwise end up with holes and general mess if you edit while in subpatch?

As noobish as it may sound, it's one of the holes in my knowledge from as far back as LW5 and 6, but 99% of my output was sharp-edged geometric stuff. So.... thanks in advance for any rules-of-thumb on subpatching, do's, don'ts.....
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You can edit a sub-patched mesh, but if you create a five or more sided polygon while doing so the sub-patch will break. You can switch it over to Catmull Clark while modelling, that way it won't break, just remember that you are in that mode and change it back once your finished doing what you're doing, or not if you intend to keep it as a Catmull Clark sub-patch. I would recommend turning off the cage and getting used to editing directly on the mesh, it's easier that way. And I always hit TAB a lot just to see what the mesh really looks like, and correct any glaring tangles, if it looks confusing and ugly in it's raw faceted mode then it will probably not look as good as it could as a sub-patched object. It's pure chance I was here today, I haven't checked in for years.
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Originally Posted by djwaterman View Post
It's pure chance I was here today, I haven't checked in for years.
That's awesome! I check back about once a week, just hoping that things may pick up again, but it's been very, very quiet.

To the original question, I've really got nothing to add, as I work the same way. I stick to 3 and 4 sided polys, and use polygon mode 90% of the time while building the base mesh. Once that's done, I use mostly subpatch mode to do final pushing and pulling to get the final shape right.
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