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Default Fishy tute

I am new to simplyLightwave, I am concidering the Fishy Tute. the whole thing ( part one and Part two ) seems a littly pricy when you concider the price for similar DVD's (6-10 hours of tutes 45-50$) at Kurv Studios or Gnomon. (us dollars)

Can anyone give me some feedback on the fishy tutes? I have found a few older forum entries and they all seem to talk about stuff missing. any information would be appreciated.

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Maybe wait until the annual points price reduction at Xmas/New Year? I can't really comment on other tutorial vendors although I found once factoring in shipping from Gnomon, the dvds tended to turn out to be extremely pricey for anyone outside the US.

Here's my fishy thread which should at least give you an idea about what you're getting:
But do remember it is an oldish tutorial. To be honest, I can't really see a similar tute at Kurv focusing on character modelling and basic rigging although there are a couple of books that do cover the subject admirably...depends on what you're looking for and what you want to learn.
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In my experience I find that David Mitchell is a great tutor and easy to understand. This tutorial has been given by Philip and unless you know a bit of LW you might have a bit of trouble following up, nevertheless it's a nice tutorial which you can not find it around that easily. I personally get one at a time and see if like what I hear or see, simple.

Good luck
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I just recently completed the fishy tut, so if you have any questions, just post them here and im sure between us we can give you some detailed answers.....

but about the simplylightwave vs kurv... question, especially when it comes to the fishy tut... as far as I have noticed, the main difference is that kurv focuses a lot on teaching you to use the tools, where as slw actually takes it to the next level and shows you how to apply those tools in a real world context to create awesome models and animations quickly and easily.....

the clearest example I can give is of someone graduating from college- you have all the understanding of what ever tool you using, but that doesnt necessarily mean you can use it effectively- that only comes from entering the market place and applying that knowledge- the one is theoretical knowlege, the other experiential- both equally important.

now with the fishy tut, it is experiential knowledge- you are shown how an expert would go about creating a cartoon fish- the focus is on creating a specific object, not on how to use each tool

let me give you an example
I had never rigged before i did the fishy tut- but I could follow along easily enough, and the fish looked and moved really well, but after I was finished I still didnt fully grasp the tools, so I found it difficult to apply the principles to another character..... but on the other hand I have done a lot of modeling, but hadnt been able to figure out how to create good looking eyes and eyelids etc so watching how phillip modeled the fish helped me to streamline my abilities, and see how a pro would go about executing a specific task- I can honestly say my modeling ability has increased 100% since I started following these tuts........

ok really long winded answer, but Im breaking in my new keyboard.....

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Old 23-11-2007, 02:48 AM   #5
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Thanks guys,

I have purchased alot of Kurv / Gnomon DVD's and I was looking for something a little different. I think you guys gave me ample confidence in these tutes and I think I am going to go ahead and purchase. Thanks again and I hope you are around to help out...

Although I am going to look into the David Mitchell tutorials.

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