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Default Artists for a WH40K MOD....

First off, sorry if I posted in the wrong place.. but I didn't know where else to put this

Warhammer 40.000 mod for Ground Control 2 looking for talented artists!

About the people behind
We are a bunch of people that would like to create a Warhammer 40.000 (WH40K) modification for Ground Control 2, we have been working on this for some time now, and altho we have stumbled into some problems we are still determined to reach our goal, and this is why we are looking for modelers, texture artists and animators!

We are all people with job, children school etc. on the side, this means that we dont work full time on the project, and have an easygooing spirit about the modification, still we want to make progress.. and we do!

About the mod
With this mod we are aiming for a fast tactical stradegy game!
We are working on both a singleplayer campaign and a multiplayer part.
At the current time we are working on 3 sides, but in time we want more. What sides we are working on is yet to be unvieled

The mod is absolutly noncommercial, which means that noone from the mod can make any money on it, not now, and not in the future!

Dawn of War (DoW)
One of the questions we are asked most frequently is why we make a WH40K mod, when DoW is already available. The answer is simple, our mod and the RTS DoW will not be compareable, what we are working on will be a completly diffrent type of game, with less focus on hording and more focus on the accual tactics! There will be no basebuilding, this alone makes a huge diffrence!

The jobs
We are looking for people with skills in modeling.
The software you use will be of no importance, So lightwave,3dsmax, maya, gmax etc. are all welcome to seek the position!
The job will be modeling units, buildings and general stuff for the maps (trees, rocks, cars, ruins etc.)

To seek the position you can do either of two options, either you send us some images of what you have done previously, or you ask us to give you an assignment. If you go for the assignment we will give you a unit to model within a week, and if we like what we see, you are in!

Texture artist
Painting textures for UV maps.
We are in need of people that know how to use Photoshop, or another software package that can be used to paint textures!

You can either seek the position by sending in some previously done textures, or ask us to give you an assignment, you will then get about a week to make a texture, and if we like it you are in!

Animators that know how to handle weightmaps, IK and some knowledge on how to make a model move naturaly.
It is important that you know how to do this in LightWave 7.5 or above, as the engine demands this!

You can either send some previously made rigs or videos, or we can give you an assignment for you to solve in a weeks time or so, if we like the result, you are in!

You can either contact us via mail: tabu@nuf.dk
or you can go to our forum and post, no regisration needed!
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