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Default Modeler very slow


I am just learning LW and following a tutorial from a book. There I am creating some sort of Robot Light. It all goes well but now I almost finished it every action I take is going very slowly. It is so bad I can not work with it as my screen does not update instantly. So I move an object and can't see where it is going. After a few seconds the screen is refreshed and my object is ofcourse not in the right place. And I have to start guessing again. This is not workable.

I checked the statistics and saw I had over 100.000 polygons. Some of them I had to convert to CCsubpatches. I already turned off some display options but that did not help. I work with MS Vista and switched to Highest performance which made no difference. I am working on an Acer 7720 notebook with 2G memory (part of it is shared video memory).

Any idea why it is so very slow and what I can do about it.
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That van be very anoying.

Maybe you can try this

press "o" for general options and set you subpatch divsions to 1, things will look not so smooth but it wil sure help to speed things up.
When you want to check if everything is smooth, set the divisions to 6.

when modeling at a part you can also hide poyls you don't need. just select and hide end unhide when finished.

Hopes this helps. :beer:

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I had the same thing happening when I modeled my first toilet (dont ask ) - I had around 7000 pollys and my machine started responding really slowly- ok I do have a really old machine!!!!!
but I went back and remodeled it a bit later and managed to cut it down to about 400 which was so much better

100 000 polly's, will definately cause some huge performance problems, and when you render it out it will take forever- id suggest looking where you can cut down........

when you say a robot light are you talking about a traffic light , or a mech robot type thing
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Thanks for your good advice. I will try this. So I suggest that 100.000 polies are a bit to much.

What I made is based on this model:

I will check also my computersettings and hope the solve this annoying problem. I will let you know.
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