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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Skelegons

22 Minutes

Lesson 2: Checking deformations and hold bones

30 Minutes

Lesson 3: IK setup and tweaking deformations

33 Minutes

Lesson 4: Control objects and IK continued

33 Minutes

Lesson 5: Creating a walk cycle

30 Minutes
This tutorial has 5 parts

Character Rigging, Deformations and Walk Cycle

Get started with biped character rigging in LightWave with these five easy-to-follow lessons. We first create the skelegons and bones for our dummy character, and then move on to setting up IK handles and performing deformation tests, before finishing off with a walk cycle in the final part. This project will give you the skills to build your own simple biped rigs for mechanical movement of the body and limbs, as well as setting up some character poses.

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