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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Setting up backdrops and modeling the front casing

21 Minutes

Lesson 2: Modeling the screen on the flip cover and inner ear piece

21 Minutes

Lesson 3: Modeling the camera and inset screen at the front

49 Minutes

Lesson 4: Modeling the back part of the phone

23 Minutes

Lesson 5: Detailing the battery area

40 Minutes

Lesson 6: Finishing the battery area and cleaning up topology

25 Minutes

Lesson 7: Adding keypad elements

32 Minutes

Lesson 8: Continuing to add keypad elements

41 Minutes

Lesson 9: Continuing to add detail with buttons and grooves

28 Minutes

Lesson 10: Further detailing and cleaning up edges

32 Minutes

Lesson 11: Further detailing and cleaning up edges

26 Minutes

Lesson 12: Finishing model and adjusting surfaces to fit

38 Minutes

Lesson 13: Setting up the basic lighting and materials

35 Minutes

Lesson 14: Creating the textures for the buttons in Photoshop

29 Minutes

Lesson 15: Continuing to create button textures and adding logos

47 Minutes

Lesson 16: Finishing render with final tweaks to lights and materials

40 Minutes
This tutorial has 16 parts

Product Visualization - Cell Phone

Create seamless product visualizations of your own in LightWave after following this course, where we go from reference to final product with a high level of detail and accuracy. After creating the model which renders with no facet edges at print resolution, an important requirement of this type of model, we continue with texturing the screens and buttons and setting up the lighting. Here we focus on getting nice reflections, the trick to making these shots really stand out, before finishing off the render. The final product can be used for the kind of stills and assembly animations commonly seen in advertisements

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