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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Creating bones for the spine and legs

41 Minutes

Lesson 2: Creating bones for the arms and hands

28 Minutes

Lesson 3: Adding animation controls

33 Minutes

Lesson 4: Adding IK handles and testing deformations

29 Minutes

Lesson 5: IK handles and testing deformations continued

32 Minutes

Lesson 6: IK handles and testing deformations continued

39 Minutes

Lesson 7: Refining the rig

24 Minutes

Lesson 8: Creating bones for the head

23 Minutes

Lesson 9: Rigging head and neck area continued

32 Minutes

Lesson 10: Creating joint morphs and correcting deformations

39 Minutes

Lesson 11: Joint morphs and deformation corrections continued

41 Minutes

Lesson 12: Deformation tests and refining the rig

32 Minutes

Lesson 13: Soft bodies and completing the rig

29 Minutes
This tutorial has 13 parts

Caveman Volume 3 - Rigging, Puppet Controls and More

Take the mystery out of rigging and learn how to meet the requirements of a demanding animator by providing a fast, fully featured rig. The topics covered in this tutorial include bones, animation controls and constraints, expressions, hybrid IK/FK setups, as well as efficient weight mapping and skinning. We set up constraints and puppet controls, while looking at good rigging practices, different techniques and how to avoid some common pitfalls, giving us a professional rig as an end result.

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Price: 39.95

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