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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: General overview of the animation workflow in LightWave

29 Minutes

Lesson 2: Useful animation plugins and preparing the character

29 Minutes

Lesson 3: Pose planning and thumbnail sketching begins

29 Minutes

Lesson 4: Pose planning and thumbnail sketching continues

33 Minutes

Lesson 5: A look at different programs available for storyboarding

21 Minutes

Lesson 6: Storyboarding - creating the key poses

32 Minutes

Lesson 7: Storyboarding - breakdown and inbetween poses

27 Minutes

Lesson 8: Finalizing and exporting the storyboards

27 Minutes

Lesson 9: Setting up the key poses and animation blocking

34 Minutes

Lesson 10: Setting up key poses and animation blocking continues

30 Minutes

Lesson 11: Setting up key poses and animation blocking continues

20 Minutes

Lesson 12: Adding breakdown poses

25 Minutes

Lesson 13: Adding breakdown poses continues

22 Minutes

Lesson 14: Refining the animation and clean-up work

22 Minutes

Lesson 15: Refining the animation and clean-up work continues

26 Minutes

Lesson 16: Work on the timing

38 Minutes

Lesson 17: Work on the timing continues

35 Minutes

Lesson 18: Additional breakdowns and arcs

26 Minutes

Lesson 19: Refining the timing and adding extra keys

22 Minutes

Lesson 20: Improving the arcs

38 Minutes

Lesson 21: Loosening up the animation and secondary action

28 Minutes

Lesson 22: Reviewing and tweaking the animation

37 Minutes

Lesson 23: Creating the club pick up

35 Minutes

Lesson 24: Adjusting tangents and adding final details like blinks

21 Minutes
This tutorial has 24 parts

Caveman Volume 4 - Storyboarding to Final Animation

Learn the typical studio production pipeline with pose planning and storyboarding to create a full 2D animatic, which is then converted into a 3D animation in LightWave by following the workflow of pose-to-pose blocking and refining. This project will get you insight into the planning process for animation, as well as teach you how to apply important animation principles such as squash and stretch, timing and spacing, anticipation, weight, staging and arcs.

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Price: 49.95

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