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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Introduction and project overview

13 Minutes

Lesson 2: Modeling the head by extruding polygons

27 Minutes

Lesson 3: Adding detail to the head

15 Minutes

Lesson 4: Modeling the toso

21 Minutes

Lesson 5: Modeling the jacket

26 Minutes

Lesson 6: Creating the lower body

31 Minutes

Lesson 7: Modeling the shoes

21 Minutes

Lesson 8: Creating the bat head of the bow tie

20 Minutes

Lesson 9: Finishing off the bat head of the bow tie

21 Minutes

Lesson 10: Creating the rest of the bow tie and the bones of the hands

28 Minutes

Lesson 11: Continuing to model bones and finishing off the hands

28 Minutes

Lesson 12: Modeling the back part of the jacket

22 Minutes

Lesson 13: Modeling the cross, tombstone and the fence poles

23 Minutes

Lesson 14: Finishing off the fence and adding some ground

19 Minutes

Lesson 15: Posing the arms of the character

18 Minutes

Lesson 16: Posing the legs of the character

16 Minutes

Lesson 17: Adjusting details in the pose with hands and feet

22 Minutes

Lesson 18: UV mapping the character

22 Minutes

Lesson 19: Creating texture maps for the head and the jacket

27 Minutes

Lesson 20: Texturing the character continues

20 Minutes

Lesson 21: Finishing off the character textures with the legs and bow tie

17 Minutes

Lesson 22: Creating the textures for the environment with stone and ground

35 Minutes

Lesson 23: Setting up the lighting

25 Minutes

Lesson 24: Surfacing the environment begins

23 Minutes

Lesson 25: Surfacing of the tombstones

16 Minutes

Lesson 26: Surfacing the character

17 Minutes

Lesson 27: Continuing to surface the character

24 Minutes

Lesson 28: Small tweaks and creaing the final renders of the scene

14 Minutes

Lesson 29: Color correction and compositing work in Photoshop

27 Minutes
This tutorial has 29 parts

Jack Skellington Scene and Character Study

A new tutorial from Milivoj Popovic. Milivoj has worked on several film and TV productions, his work has also been featured in Autodesk's Mudbox brochure and the Expose series of books from CGSociety. In this complete project-based training kit he covers modeling both the character and environment, texturing and lighting of the full scene, as well as posing the character and some post production for the final shots. This tutorial contains the full scene files and was done in Lightwave 9.6. Users of Lightwave 9 and 10 will be able to follow this tutorial with no problems.

This tutorial is available on our streaming platform. Don't like streaming? No problem, you can buy this tutorial for download.

Price: 49.95

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