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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Cutting up reference images and blocking of the shuttle

24 Minutes

Lesson 2: Blocking out the tail and connecting wing with fuselage

29 Minutes

Lesson 3: Connecting fuselage with the tail and main shuttle body

21 Minutes

Lesson 4: Modeling the parts of the back of the shuttle

27 Minutes

Lesson 5: Cutting out holes and continuing to add detail to the back

21 Minutes

Lesson 6: Creating ring structures and pipes

31 Minutes

Lesson 7: Connecting surfaces at the back of the shuttle

38 Minutes

Lesson 8: Creating the windows at the front and adjusting topology

27 Minutes

Lesson 9: Continuing to add detail to the windows and trim

32 Minutes

Lesson 10: Sharpening up edges and aligning window trim with body

37 Minutes

Lesson 11: Aligning various surfaces of the body

52 Minutes

Lesson 12: Modeling hinges and wires for landing gear cover

40 Minutes

Lesson 13: Creating the wheels and other parts for the landing gear

33 Minutes

Lesson 14: Realigning surfaces for mirroring

34 Minutes

Lesson 15: Making adjustments to the nose cover at the front

24 Minutes

Lesson 16: Freezing geometry and final tweaks

34 Minutes
This tutorial has 16 parts

The Making of the Space Shuttle Discovery

Welcome to a new tutorial from SimplyLightwave. This time we bring you the making of the Space Shuttle Discovery, as NASA has decided to retire their shuttle program we thought we'd have a go at making our own. Unfortunately we didn't quite have the budget to recreate it in the garden, so we gave this to Milivoj Popovic and asked him to do it in Lightwave. Begin creating stunning photorealistic models with over 8 hours of project-based training in this new tutorial series from SimplyLightwave. Follow along with Milivoj, lead modeler at Lemonade3d, in this comprehensive project where you will learn the complete workflow to create a realistic high-polygon space shuttle in Lightwave. After completing this project, you'll have a much better understanding of the entire process to make a realistic and believable vehicle in Lightwave. Perfect for intermediate users. This tutorial was created in Lightwave 9.6 and is also suitable for users of Lightwave 10 and 11. Part 2 in this series covering texturing and scene assembly will be released next month. Happy Easter!

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