Why choose SimplyLightwave for your training? Here are some of the things people are saying about us:

"I just love SimplyLW. It has certainly helped me enormously on my LW journey. The new site looks awesome. Just signed up for full access. Can't wait to get my teeth into some of the tutes." - Jay

"What I've gone through thus far has been top-notch professional."

"I have finished all the modeling parts of the caveman series and I think it's a great tutorial especially if you are looking to learn more tools and ways to do things in LW."

"I have bought the product shot tutorial and its great."

"I've never posted here, but thought I would just post my results from the excellent Product Shot tutorial. I really learned a lot about lighting and a couple of key nodes. " - Gordon

"I'm a highschool student and I've just done a major project. I use 11, which is neat and I managed to create Skellington Jack, through a tutorial on here." - Kelly

"I am doing the interior scene and its a good tutorial. Big fan of Mitchell, BTW."

"I just finished the tutorial toycar, I found this tutorial very complete and well structured ...With this tutorial I learned things I did not know about the material editor. Below is a rendering ... I did not apply the DOF to reduce the computation time." - Slade

"Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for making such great tutorials. Specially the latest one of Zbrush and Lightwave. Looking forward to dive in! Keep the great work guys. Big thank you!" - Miguel

"To be able to voice my opinion of a specific tut I want, and have that tut created IMHO that goes well above and beyond any expectations I ever had, and showcases the true professionalism of the people here." - Dave

"Simplylightwave makes some of the best tutorials out there... " - Keith

"Here's my Little Robot. I really enjoyed this series. A really good start for a LW noob. I did mess up the belt part a bit, but the rest came out quite nicely." - Hans

"Just finished this and wanted to post my version (I went wide-angle to emphasize its toy-like qualities). It was a great tutorial for getting acquainted with Lightwave!"

"Was a great tutorial.. Heres the finally Render of Little old Marvin" - Arma

"I love robots, so I decided to bring together these two ."

"Well done tutorials. Simple and clear."

"These videos are amazing. Not only do you start from the ground up and explain everything but you also mention great shortcuts for Lightwave. Keep it up!" - Daniel

"Thanks so much - I'm really enjoying your teaching style and practical instruction, and would love to get a clean render here that matches the ones in your vids!" - Celia

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