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What training can I find on SimplyLightWave?

There's a total of more than 350 hours of project-based training on the site, with LightWave as the main 3D application, but our tutorials also include other programs relevant to LightWave users such as Photoshop for texture painting, ZBrush for detailing models, RealFlow for liquid simulations, SynthEyes for camera tracking, and Marvelous Designer for cloth simulations.

Will I be able to follow the videos if I'm using a different version of LightWave than the instructor?

Yes, although new features and tools get added with each new version the techniques remain the same. As all the courses on SimplyLightWave are project-based and focuses on teaching you production skills and workflow in LightWave they remain relevant and can be followed in other versions.

What if I have a question while going through a tutorial?

We offer support through our community forum, so post your question there. Remember to include an image if possible, and describe the problem well so that it's easy for someone else to understand it.

Can I suggest training?

Sure, we'll consider your suggestions. Please contact us to add a training request.

Do you provide project files with the tutorials?

Yes, when we have them from the instructor which we do in most cases. When they are necessary to follow along with a tutorial (for example you need the model to follow along with a texturing tutorial), they are always included.

Learning Paths

What is a learning path?

A learning path is a number of courses on a topic laid out in an organized way from the easiest to most difficult, allowing you to work efficiently and progress quickly within an area of LightWave. There are eight learning paths on SimplyLightWave, four for beginners and four on more advanced topics, allowing you to pick your skill level and topic of interest.

I'm new to LightWave. Which learning path should I choose?

For the new LightWave artist we have a Getting Started learning path that will quickly get you up to speed and give you an overview of the various fields in LightWave, without taking too much time or effort to complete. From here there are another three learning paths on beginner level depending on what you're interested at progressing with.

Is there anything I need to know before starting on a learning path?

We recommend that you're familiar with the interface and shortcut keys before starting on the learning paths, so if you're totally new to LightWave you should follow our Getting Started learning path before continuing on any of the others. Learning paths 1 - 4 are for beginners, while learning paths 5 - 8 are for more advanced LightWave artists.

Where do I continue after finishing a learning path?

When finishing one of the beginner learning paths you can either continue with the more advanced level on that topic, or you can start on a different field depending on how in-depth you want your knowledge to be. Upon completing the first four learning paths on the list, you'll have a good generalist knowledge in LightWave and will be able to take on a wide range of professional projects.

Streaming Subscriptions

What do I get access to with my subscription?

You get access to streaming of all the courses on SimplyLightWave for the duration of the subscription period, as well as the project files that go with them. In total we have more than 350 hours of project-based video tuition on the site.

Can I watch video on my mobile device?

For the time being you can't watch video on mobile devices, but this is something we're working on adding to the site at the moment.

How does my subscription renew and how do I cancel it?

Subscriptions renew automatically at the end of the subscription period. If you don't want your subscription renewed, you can cancel it at any time by You can easily cancel your subscription at any time through PayPal (see details), or by contacting our customer support.

Can I log in to the SimplyLightWave online library from any computer?

Yes, you can log in from any computer. However, you can only be logged in at one computer at a time.

Can I watch training when I'm offline?

No, you can only stream videos with a subscription. However you have the possibility to buy individual training videos and download them instead if you prefer this option. Simply click the "buy this tutorial" link on the training page and that will take you straight through to billing.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. We do not store information related to payments on our servers as all transactions are handled through our payment services provider, PayPal, who processes all major credit and debit cards.

Downloads and Video Credits

What happened to the old site?

It got a facelift. We also added the option of streaming subscriptions for unlimited access to the video library, and took away the option to buy video credits.

Can I still download training?

Yes, if you prefer to buy the tutorial outright and download it, rather than become a streaming subscriber this is still possible. Simply click the "buy this tutorial link" on the training page and that will take you straight through to billing. The tutorial will be instantly available for download in My Downloads, where you'll also find the download links to any other tutorials from your previous purchases.

I still have video credits. How do I use them?

You can still use your remaining video credits to download tutorials. The links are available at the top of each page, just below the video player box.

Where do I download the training I've bought?

All your download links can be found on this page. Here you'll find a complete list of all your downloads from previous purchases as well.

When I've bought I tutorial, can I redownload it?

Yes, you can come back to your downloads page and redownload training at any time, as your download links at SimplyLightWave will not expire.

I'm a lifetime member. Where do I find the training now?

All training is still available to lifetime members through the download links at the bottom of the individual tutorial pages. We will keep providing the download links to future training releases in this way, just like before. Any tutorials you've downloaded in the past can be found through your downloads page.

Login and Accounts

I forgot or never received my user name and/or password. How do I retrieve it?

For resetting/retrieving your password, please visit this page.

Can I share my account with others?

No, it's personal and you can not share it with others. For further details, please see our Terms and Conditions for the full user licence agreement.

How do I upgrade my free account to become a subscriber?

Click here and select a subscription package.

I submitted a request to reset my password but I never received an e-mail. What to do now?

Check your spam folder for an e-mail from

Educators and Students

Do you offer educational discounts for students or educators?

Yes, we do. Please contact us with your request.

Do you offer multi-user accounts?

We are currently working on adding multi-user accounts and a tracking system to the streaming platform, please contact us for more details about this.

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