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Lesson 1: Project Overview

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01 Minutes

Lesson 2: Blocking out the back of the carriage

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34 Minutes

Lesson 3: Blocking out the sides with holes for windows and doors

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38 Minutes

Lesson 4: Modeling the doors with windows and hinges

38 Minutes

Lesson 5: Modeling the windows and outer railings

45 Minutes

Lesson 6: Creating the wheels and support structures

47 Minutes

Lesson 7: Creating springs, cables and other structures under the carriage

55 Minutes

Lesson 8: Creating nuts, bolts and wheel covers

51 Minutes

Lesson 9: Adding accessories like door handles, bumpers and blinking lights

39 Minutes

Lesson 10: Modeling the headlights, signs and antennas

42 Minutes

Lesson 11: Making the rear view mirrors

58 Minutes

Lesson 12: Creating the roof hatches

33 Minutes

Lesson 13: Modeling the parts connecting with the electrical line

46 Minutes

Lesson 14: Modeling the parts connecting with the electrical line continues

33 Minutes

Lesson 15: Final tweaks and finishing off the model

01 Minutes
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Prague Tram Modeling in LightWave 11.6

Join Alexander Llanos as he covers the complete modeling of this tram in LightWave 11.6. The tram model along with all reference files are included. An introduction video can be found below. About the instructor: Alexander Llanos is 3D artist who graduated from the DAVE School in Orlando, Florida. He is a freelance 3D modeler and animator who has worked in various aspects of the entertainment, gaming, and commercial industries. Some of his previous experiences range from the daily on-air operations of a TV station, theater set and prop construction, costume and prop building at Universal Studios, to visual effects in TV and film. His IMDB page can be found here.

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