SimplyLightwave Learning Paths

Getting Started with LightWave

New to Lightwave? Watch our introductory tutorials to familiarize yourself with the interface and shortcut keys, before moving onto creating simple cartoon sets and product renders with the step-by-step projects in this learning path. Containing a little bit of everything without taking too much time and effort to complete, it's the perfect place to start for the new LightWave artist, giving you a broad overview before moving on to the more specialized learning paths

15 hours of video

7 tutorials in this learning path

Beginner's Hard Surface Modeling - Environments and Vehicles

Get familiar with the many modeling tools available in LightWave and put them to practical use with these slow-paced projects, excellent for the relatively new LightWave modeler. Here we learn how to create architectural landmarks, interiors and some low detail vehicles, and when completing this learning path you will have the skills to build your own exterior and interior environments complete with props in LightWave.

30 hours of video

4 tutorials in this learning path

Beginner's Lighting and Texturing - Product and ArchViz

Go from lighting novice to become a well-rounded artist with the skills required to take on work in visualizations, one of the largest fields in the 3D industry. Here you'll learn to build the scenes and set up lighting and materials for a wide range of scenarios, thus allowing you to create complex product shots and highly realistic architectural visualizations, including the making of different types of cloth for all your needs in interior scenes.

36 hours of video

5 tutorials in this learning path

Character Creation in Lightwave

Learn organic modeling techniques in LightWave, as well as UV layout, texturing and rigging of stylized creatures and cartoon characters in this learning path which covers all your 3D pre-production needs. Some of these projects include the industry standard sculpting program ZBrush for detailing and painting models, also teaching you the LightWave ZBrush integration used in character creation.

16 hours of video

4 tutorials in this learning path

Advanced Hard Surface Modeling - High Detail Vehicles and Props

Take your modeling skills to the next level and learn to create the complex, highly detailed models that are used in realistic renders in film and advertisement. Adding that little extra to a model will really help you sell a shot and this is the focus in this learning path where we create photorealistic vehicles and instruments, which will make for nice portfolio pieces for any 3D Modeler.

83 hours of video

5 tutorials in this learning path

Advanced Lighting and Texturing - Photorealistic Rendering Techniques

In this learning path we look at some of the more advanced lighting processes that will take your renders further and really make them shine. You'll learn how to construct more appealing composition in your shots, set up HDR light passes to mimic maxwell's multilight feature and make perfect metals and glass. We also cover how to create photorealistic renders of cars, space vehicles and musical instruments, giving you the texturing skills to create your own photorealistic renders of any type of model.

48 hours of video

6 tutorials in this learning path

Production Pipeline - Creating a 3D Animated Sequence

Go from concept sketches to a complete 3D animation with these four courses taking you through the process of character modeling, texturing and rigging before moving onto animation. Here you'll learn the typical studio production pipeline with pose planning and storyboarding to create a full 2D animatic, which is then converted into a 3D animation in LightWave by following the workflow of pose-to-pose blocking and refining.

31 hours of video

4 tutorials in this learning path

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