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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Bust blocking in ZBrush with ZSpheres

15 Minutes

Lesson 2: Clay sculpting in ZBrush adding detail

19 Minutes

Lesson 3: DynaMesh sculpting in ZBrush

18 Minutes

Lesson 4: Ear Sculpting in ZBrush

14 Minutes

Lesson 5: Adding low-res details to the basic model in ZBrush (silent part)

29 Minutes

Lesson 6: Retopologizing in ZBrush

18 Minutes

Lesson 7: UV mapping retopologized mesh

16 Minutes

Lesson 8: High-res detailing in ZBrush with wrinkles

17 Minutes

Lesson 9: High-res detailing continued (silent part)

42 Minutes

Lesson 10: Painting textures in ZBrush

18 Minutes

Lesson 11: Painting textures in ZBrush continues (silent part)

22 Minutes

Lesson 12: Exporting maps and model from ZBrush into LightWave

19 Minutes

Lesson 13: Applying displacement and normal maps in LightWave Layout

21 Minutes

Lesson 14: Character lighting techniques in LightWave

19 Minutes

Lesson 15: Final texture adjustments and render settings in LightWave

20 Minutes

Lesson 16: Render passes in LightWave and compositing in Photoshop

24 Minutes
This tutorial has 16 parts

Complete ZBrush to LightWave 11.5 Workflow

This tutorial covers the workflow for creating characters using LightWave and ZBrush, taking you through the complete process from concept sketches to the final composite step-by-step. We start by building a base mesh in ZBrush and then follow through into Lightwave discussing topics such as sculpting techniques, retopology, UV layout, polypainting and lighting along the way. Our final renders are brought into Photoshop for a basic composite.

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Price: 44.95

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