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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Creating sunburst wood texture for guitar body

20 Minutes

Lesson 2: Texturing the neck and setting up a basic light rig

20 Minutes

Lesson 3: Creating the headstock logo and lighting continued

20 Minutes

Lesson 4: Creating chrome and plastic surfaces

21 Minutes

Lesson 5: Texturing pickguard and strings

24 Minutes

Lesson 6: Texturing the knobs

24 Minutes

Lesson 7: Finalizing textures and lights for final shot

20 Minutes

Lesson 8: Bonus track - recreating the scene featured in Expose

30 Minutes
This tutorial has 8 parts

Stratocaster Volume 2 - Texturing and Lighting

Learn to create sunburned wood textures and chrome for your models following the shading and lighting of a photorealistic Fender Stratocaster. Useful tips presented in this tutorial include creating glossy plastics and gold surfaces, logos, blending textures, and lighting up reflective metals. Upon completing this tutorial you will have sharpened your observational skills, as well as picked up the techniques to create nice looking reflective materials in LightWave and lighting them up.

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Price: 49.95

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