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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Texturing the inner wheel and spokes

38 Minutes

Lesson 2: Adding a logo to the brake caliper

32 Minutes

Lesson 3: Adding a logo to the spokes and material tweaks

38 Minutes

Lesson 4: Creating a texture for the tire tread

40 Minutes

Lesson 5: UV mapping the tire and adding texture maps

44 Minutes

Lesson 6: Tweaking rubber material and finishing wheel

31 Minutes

Lesson 7: Mirroring wheels and starting texturing the car body

32 Minutes

Lesson 8: Exporting model to layout and setting up lights

34 Minutes

Lesson 9: Creating wire mesh textures for air intakes

38 Minutes

Lesson 10: Texturing details at the back of the car

49 Minutes

Lesson 11: Texturing the tail lights

44 Minutes

Lesson 12: Texturing the headlights and adding a McLaren logo

33 Minutes

Lesson 13: Texturing the indicators and tail lights continued

42 Minutes

Lesson 14: Setting up the lighting for the final scene

34 Minutes

Lesson 15: Final tweaks to lights and materials

39 Minutes
This tutorial has 15 parts

Photorealism Volume 2 - Texturing the McLaren

In the ten hour long project we look at creating metallic car paint, shading for tires and wheels, as well as some detailed texturing for certain parts of this model, such as the headlights and wire grill meshes. We also cover how to set up lighting for cars to achieve nice reflections and bring out the most in your models. Numerous useful tricks and time-saving techniques that will help you with vehicle rendering are presented in this tutorial, aimed at the more experienced LightWave artist.

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Price: 39.95

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