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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Interface basics and modeling the head begins

35 Minutes

Lesson 2: Continuing to model the head and the neck

25 Minutes

Lesson 3: Creating the body

38 Minutes

Lesson 4: Modeling the legs

23 Minutes

Lesson 5: Modeling the feet

33 Minutes

Lesson 6: Finishing the feet and creating the arms

26 Minutes

Lesson 7: Creating the elbow joints

40 Minutes

Lesson 8: Modeling the hands

26 Minutes

Lesson 9: Correcting topology and surfacing

24 Minutes

Lesson 10: Lighting and rendering the final shot

25 Minutes
This tutorial has 10 parts

Character Study - Marvin Paranoid Android

Get started with subpatching in this tutorial aimed at the relatively new LightWave modeler. After going through some interface basics and useful plug-ins we dive into polygon and subpatch modeling creating the different parts that make up Marwin working at a slow pace. With the character complete we continue in Layout with surfacing and lighting, before finishing off with some post-production tips in Photoshop. Subpatching can be tricky at first, however this tutorial will see you off to a good start.

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Price: 34.95

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