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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Introduction and project overview

01 Minutes

Lesson 2: Setting up a backdrop and modeling the glass

16 Minutes

Lesson 3: Adding lights and creating a glass material

13 Minutes

Lesson 4: Creating HDR lighting passes and the wooden table surface

18 Minutes

Lesson 5: Composition and lighting continues

17 Minutes

Lesson 6: Final tweaks and using HDR lighting passes in post

20 Minutes
This tutorial has 6 parts

Mastering Glass - HDR Lighting and Light Passes

Learn to shade and light glass with a high level of realism, and save yourself a lot of time by being able to relight your glass renders in post-production. This tutorial covers the full process from start to final renders with the post production work and light passes done in Photoshop. Starting by creating a simple wine glass model and a studio lighting setup, we dive into setting up HDR light passes designed to mimic the Maxwell Renderer's Multilight feature. This method can save hours of rendering time as a bulk of the lighting can be done in post.

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