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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Modeling of the lower body of the ship begins

37 Minutes

Lesson 2: Modeling of the lower body of the ship continues

29 Minutes

Lesson 3: Cleaning up the geometry for better edge flow

17 Minutes

Lesson 4: Creating the area for the windows

25 Minutes

Lesson 5: Cutting out the windows

18 Minutes

Lesson 6: Cutting out the windows continues

07 Minutes

Lesson 7: Adding the window frames and the windows

27 Minutes

Lesson 8: Creating planks for the lower and upper deck

34 Minutes

Lesson 9: Modeling the little house at the back of the ship

37 Minutes

Lesson 10: Modeling the side hut that the air balloons connect to

29 Minutes

Lesson 11: Adding outer support planks

15 Minutes

Lesson 12: Modeling the little house at the front of the ship

30 Minutes

Lesson 13: Modeling the top railing

11 Minutes

Lesson 14: Modeling the main mast

49 Minutes

Lesson 15: Modeling the smaller front and back masts

23 Minutes

Lesson 16: Modeling the nets

16 Minutes

Lesson 17: Creating the balloons

41 Minutes

Lesson 18: Modeling the sails and attachments

35 Minutes

Lesson 19: Detailing and modeling the ship polys

19 Minutes

Lesson 20: Adding the rope knots to the net

08 Minutes

Lesson 21: Adding a fence around the main mast

14 Minutes

Lesson 22: Adding another fence around the hutch on the top deck

21 Minutes

Lesson 23: Adding a door and decorations to the little house

17 Minutes

Lesson 24: Creating ropes to hold the balloons at the back

22 Minutes

Lesson 25: Modeling rope ladders and attachments

14 Minutes

Lesson 26: Creating the streamers

25 Minutes

Lesson 27: Modeling the rudder at the back of the ship

20 Minutes

Lesson 28: Creating an anchor with chain links

37 Minutes

Lesson 29: Making attachment posts and a hook for the anchor

14 Minutes

Lesson 30: Creating an ambient occlusion render for the model

09 Minutes
This tutorial has 30 parts

Fantasy Balloon Ship Hard Surface Modeling

In a production environment artists are often given just one reference to work from, so with this in mind we created the Fantasy Balloon Ship which is modeled based on a single reference in 3/4 perspective. This is a very useful skill to acquire in 3D work and a must have for a modeler working from concept art. We also cover some tips and tricks to improve your workflow, such as the techniques for modeling chain links and adding knots to the nets, details which will help your model to really stand out.

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Price: 44.95

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