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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Creating a generic light rig and making a cast iron material

24 Minutes

Lesson 2: Colored glass material for lamp and brass door handle

23 Minutes

Lesson 3: Surfacing the front door with paint, metal and frosted glass

24 Minutes

Lesson 4: Texturing the rug and floor and UV layout for the stairs

43 Minutes

Lesson 5: Creating the texture maps for the staircase

32 Minutes

Lesson 6: Creating the window glass material and setting up lighting

28 Minutes

Lesson 7: Creating the material for walls and trim and other tweaks

37 Minutes

Lesson 8: Setting up the lighting for radiosity rendering

41 Minutes

Lesson 9: Mimicking radiosity by adding fake bounce lights

30 Minutes

Lesson 10: Looking at reflections and how light enters the room

23 Minutes

Lesson 11: Making adjustments to the model for better realism

32 Minutes

Lesson 12: Tweaks to the door and rug textures

33 Minutes

Lesson 13: Adjusting light color and falloff

30 Minutes

Lesson 14: Continuing to tweak the fake bounce lights

44 Minutes

Lesson 15: Continuing to tweak the lighting and reflections

42 Minutes

Lesson 16: Making adjustments to the door materials and lighting

29 Minutes

Lesson 17: Final tweaks and finishing off the scene

26 Minutes
This tutorial has 17 parts

ArchViz Interiors Volume 2 - Texturing and Lighting

Learn to light and render interiors in this step-by-step project taking you from grayscale to fully textured and lit scene in LightWave. We start off by creating a light rig to test render our materials under, with focus on the stained and frosted glass windows. We then continue to set up lighting with radiosity, as well as placing physical lights to simulate bounce lighting and fake the radiosity effect. Throughout this course you'll develop the observational skills to tackle your own interior scenes in LightWave with a high level of realism, as well as gain the technical knowledge to optimize your renders to save on time.

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Price: 29.95

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