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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Low-res detail sculpting adding large skin folds and spine

39 Minutes

Lesson 2: Low-res detail sculpting continues in face and leg area

30 Minutes

Lesson 3: Subdividing mesh and sculpting in finer details with alpha brushes

50 Minutes

Lesson 4: Adding finer wrinkles in skin areas that come under stress

42 Minutes

Lesson 5: High-res sculpting of spine and adding vertical creases

31 Minutes

Lesson 6: High-res sculpting in head and neck area

23 Minutes

Lesson 7: High-res tongue sculpting and adding warts and scars

29 Minutes
This tutorial has 7 parts

Surface Anatomy Detailing in ZBrush

Learn to add realism to your models in this project on detailing skin to create the creasing and wrinkles you expect to see in areas that come under stress on both animals and humans. Here we bring a low-res base mesh into ZBrush to sculpt in detail, which is then rendered out as maps that can be brought back into LightWave, allowing you to save on polygons. The workflow presented here can be applied to any type of skin surface and is an essential part of detailing organic models.

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