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# Information Play Length

Lesson 1: Creating a cloth mesh and simulating the bullet hitting and tearing it

22 Minutes

Lesson 2: Tweaking the simulation and texturing the cloth

23 Minutes

Lesson 3: Lighting the simulation to match the mug shot and setting up render passes

22 Minutes

Lesson 4: Compositing layers and creating an animated mask to simulate bleeding

21 Minutes
This tutorial has 4 parts

Bullet Dynamics in LightWave 11.6 - Volume 4 Cloth Simulations

In the fourth part of our Bullet Dynamics series we create a shot where the bullet enters the shirt cloth and the bleeding starts. For this we set up a multi-stage simulation, first with the bullet hitting, followed by the cloth tearing and folding. Here you'll learn to time multiple simulations within the same shot and create your own cloth simulations in LightWave. This is a five part series where we take a project-based approach, by creating a sequence of four shots based on storyboards. We look at features of the Bullet dynamics system with rigid body dynamics, parts body dynamics and cloth, and how to control these types to get the desired effects, as well as rendering options with multiple passes for the final compositing. Scene files are provided, so the parts can be watched independently of each other.

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