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Character Rigging, Deformations and Walk Cycle

by Philip Meyer Software: Lightwave Length: 02 hours 28 minutes

Get started with biped character rigging in LightWave with these five easy-to-follow lessons. We first create the skelegons and bones for our dummy character, and then move on to setting up IK handles and performing deformation tests, before finishing off with...

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Photorealism Volume 1 - Modeling the McLaren

by Philip Meyer Software: Lightwave Length: 33 hours 42 minutes

Master spline modeling and numerous other techniques in this course where we create a photorealistic 3D replica of a McLaren car. At close to 35 hours, it's the longest LightWave tutorial ever created and not for the faint of heart, though after having followe...

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Stratocaster Volume 1 - Modeling

by Philip Software: Lightwave Length: 11 hours 21 minutes

Learn everything you need to know about curve modeling with this course which shows you how to make a photorealistic Fender Stratocaster. After laying down splines for the body we move on to other techniques with subpatches and polygons creating the headstock,...

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