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ArchViz Interiors Volume 2 - Texturing and Lighting

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave 8.5 Length: 09 hours 00 minutes

Learn to light and render interiors in this step-by-step project taking you from grayscale to fully textured and lit scene in LightWave. We start off by creating a light rig to test render our materials under, with focus on the stained and frosted glass window...

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Realflow 5 Essentials - Liquids and Morphing

by David James Software: Realflow 5 Length: 03 hours 05 minutes

This training kit has been designed to get you up and running with RealFlow 5 and will give you enough information to start simulating with RealFlow's fluid dynamics, rigid and soft body dynamics and work with some special effects in this case particle morphin...

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Fantasy Balloon Ship Hard Surface Modeling

by Cody Burke Software: Lightwave 9.6 Length: 11 hours 40 minutes

In a production environment artists are often given just one reference to work from, so with this in mind we created the Fantasy Balloon Ship which is modeled based on a single reference in 3/4 perspective. This is a very useful skill to acquire in 3D work...

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Little Robot Basic Modeling

by Cody Burke Software: Lightwave 9.6 Length: 02 hours 49 minutes

Get started with character modeling in LightWave following this step-by-step beginner project where we create a little robot using native tools. While building the different parts we look at how to keep a good flow in the geometry with quads before moving on t...

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ArchViz Interiors Volume 1 - Modeling

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave 8.5 Length: 05 hours 18 minutes

Creating realistic interiors is a great skill to master for any artist and in this series we show you how it's done. Starting with the structural modeling we build the framework of the room with windows, trim, stairs and doors, before moving onto some typical ...

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Photorealistic Toy Car - Complete Workflow

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave 9.6, Photoshop Length: 09 hours 19 minutes

Learn the workflow to create high quality product shots of more complex models. In this course we look at how to build a 3D replica of a toy car with all the component parts through box modeling techniques, before lighting it up with luminous polygons, showing...

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Design Essentials - The Product Shot

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave 9.6 Length: 03 hours 07 minutes

In this course you'll learn how to create a typical studio lighting setup and render for a product shot. As one of the bread and butter jobs in the 3D industry, creating high quality product shots for advertisement is a great skill to master for any artist. Th...

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Mastering Glass - HDR Lighting and Light Passes

by David Mtchell Software: Lightwave Photoshop Length: 01 hours 25 minutes

Learn to shade and light glass with a high level of realism, and save yourself a lot of time by being able to relight your glass renders in post-production. This tutorial covers the full process from start to final renders with the post production work and lig...

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