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Camera Tracking and Smoke Effects

by Jacobo Barreiro Software: Lightwave Length: 02 hours 19 minutes

In this interesting project with Jacobo Barriero we create realistic smoke with sprite particles in Lightwave and use a clip mask to project an image onto simple geometry in 3D space. We also look at finding the camera information from images in Lightwave and ...

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Character Study - Marvin Paranoid Android

by Milivoj Popovic Software: Lightwave Length: 04 hours 54 minutes

Get started with subpatching in this tutorial aimed at the relatively new LightWave modeler. After going through some interface basics and useful plug-ins we dive into polygon and subpatch modeling creating the different parts that make up Marwin working at a ...

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Mastering Hard Surface Modeling - M4 Tank

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave Length: 29 hours 24 minutes

In this 29 hour long project we build a realistic replica of an M4 Sherman tank. Using both polygon and subpatch modeling techniques we create all the different parts of the tank, such as the turret, guns, hatches, wheels and tank treads that can be animated. ...

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Defiant - Hard Surface Modeling and Texturing

by Milivoj Popovic Software: Lightwave - Photoshop Length: 07 hours 13 minutes

Learn polygon and subpatch modeling in this step-by-step project where we create the Defiant ship. Useful techniques demonstrated in this tutorial include cutting holes in surfaces with booleans and cleaning up after them, as well as keeping quadded geometry a...

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Photorealistic Visualization - Art Scene

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave - Photoshop Length: 10 hours 52 minutes

Recreating this scene in LightWave from a single photo reference, you'll not only sharpen your eye, but also push your rendering skills to the next level. The project presented here make for a more in-depth study of different lighting techniques and how to app...

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Lighting and Texturing for Photorealistic Metals

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave - Photoshop Length: 04 hours 18 minutes

Improve your lighting skills with this project where we create realistic metals in LightWave. After modeling the simple objects we move on to setting up textures with details such as scratches and dirt that will help with realism and prevent your renders from ...

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Mood Lighting - Candlelit Scene

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave - Photoshop Length: 04 hours 02 minutes

Learn the skills involved in scene lighting for different occasions in this project where we create a candlelit night time scene. After modeling some common household objects for the set we focus on composition and overall lighting, making realistic looking ma...

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Caveman Volume 4 - Storyboarding to Final Animation

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave Length: 11 hours 26 minutes

Learn the typical studio production pipeline with pose planning and storyboarding to create a full 2D animatic, which is then converted into a 3D animation in LightWave by following the workflow of pose-to-pose blocking and refining. This project will get you ...

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