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Caveman Volume 3 - Rigging, Puppet Controls and More

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave Length: 07 hours 01 minutes

Take the mystery out of rigging and learn how to meet the requirements of a demanding animator by providing a fast, fully featured rig. The topics covered in this tutorial include bones, animation controls and constraints, expressions, hybrid IK/FK setups, as ...

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Caveman Volume 2 - UV and Texturing

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave - Photoshop Length: 06 hours 06 minutes

Learn how to create a number of different textures for your character work in this project. After laying out UV's in LightWave, we work with weight maps, gradients and procedurals to create a nice base for the textures, before bringing them into Photoshop for ...

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Caveman Volume 1 - Organic Modeling

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave Length: 06 hours 53 minutes

Master organic modeling in LightWave with this course that takes a concept through to 3D model. We start by blocking out the basic shapes for the head and body, focusing on good proportion, before moving on to the limbs and finer details. Working in polygon an...

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Stylized Cartoon Workflow - The Rocketship

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave Length: 03 hours 53 minutes

Create a cartoon style space scene from a concept sketch with a gold rocket, moon, planet earth and stars in this project. Here we cover modeling, surfacing, shading, lighting and some very basic effects to get fire coming off the rocket tail. It's a good begi...

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Cartoon Set Design - Graveyard Scene

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave Length: 04 hours 24 minutes

Learn easy modeling techniques and effective lighting and texturing methods to create some Halloween eye candy in the Tim Burton style. After making the component parts we look at how to set up a pleasing composition and use procedural textures, as well as cre...

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Product Visualization - Cell Phone

by David Mitchell Software: Lightwave Length: 08 hours 47 minutes

Create seamless product visualizations of your own in LightWave after following this course, where we go from reference to final product with a high level of detail and accuracy. After creating the model which renders with no facet edges at print resolution, a...

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Photorealism Volume 2 - Texturing the McLaren

by Philip Meyer Software: Lightwave Length: 09 hours 28 minutes

In the ten hour long project we look at creating metallic car paint, shading for tires and wheels, as well as some detailed texturing for certain parts of this model, such as the headlights and wire grill meshes. We also cover how to set up lighting for cars ...

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Stratocaster Volume 2 - Texturing and Lighting

by Philip Meyer Software: LightWave - Photoshop Length: 02 hours 59 minutes

Learn to create sunburned wood textures and chrome for your models following the shading and lighting of a photorealistic Fender Stratocaster. Useful tips presented in this tutorial include creating glossy plastics and gold surfaces, logos, blending textures, ...

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